Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dust storm and other things..

Well, yesterday was fun. Not as much as Sydney, but still, we had interesting day. Winds blew whole bunch of dust from the center of the continent. Sydney was in red, eerie glow, we only got kinda yellowish color, and little visibility.
That was our first dust storm, so I took couple pictures.

When I went to lunch, I found out that even lizards were hiding from gusty winds and dust in the air.

And today I started to clean...Red dust everywhere!
Mielismy wczoraj interesujacy dzien. Przezylismy nasza pierwsza burze piaskowa, lub pylowa (jak kto woli). Wiatry byly silne, i przywialy z glebi kontynentu, gdzie jest w wiekszosci pustynnie, duzo pylu. Sydney mialo pobudke w czerwonej poswiacie. Do nas doszlo oslabione, bo tylko zoltawe ograniczenie widocznosci.
Ale bylo nieprzyjemnie, i nawet jaszczurki chowaly sie przed porywami wiatru i pylem..

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Ruth said...

Your dust storm made the news all the way over here in Alaska even! Glad you survived.

I was in a rainstorm in Costa Rica once - a torrential downpour, too. All the critters in the forest joined us under our roof to watch: bugs, frogs, bats, birds, lizards - they all sat right next to us for hours, watching all that water come down.

It was very surreal.