Thursday, July 02, 2009

Changes in blog..

At first, I was going to write my blog in polish only. I've decided that it would be great practice for me, since I've been such a long time away from Poland. I speak at home, work, everywhere, english, and I started to forget a lot of my native language (not like it makes me perfect in way..).
If it wasn't for technology, I would probably forget it much more.
But I've decided to do it in two languages, cause I have few friends in the States, and now here.
Soooo.. under every polish posting, there will be english one.


Scott.M.Turner said...

Thanks for the traslation!

Ruth said...

I'm glad you decided to add English - that way I can see what you're up to. Nice work on the beads, by the way = really impressive work!