Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bead and Button show & other things.. Part 1.

Been couple months since my last post. Lots happened, but most important was our vacation..:)
In June we went to Milwaukee to attend Bead and Button show, and after show we went to Alaska.
Our first visit back, since we left it for Australia.
It was awesome!!. We met old friends and made new ones.
Here is only few pictures, cause I took hundreds.
Glimpses from Bead Dreams display.
Walking aroun during Meet the Teachers Event.
Wonderful work of Diane Hyde.
Judy Walkers table.
Melissa Grakowsky-Shippee table. 
Very talented Kinga Nichols. Love her necklace.!
 And her is lampwork bead artist- Sharon Peters. Even my husband got one of her funky bead characters!
And this is stunning work done by Joan Babcock, micro-macramé artist.
Was lucky to attend her class. (have to finish my projects yet)
 And here is some stuff I've done in classes.
Coin Purse by Sherri Serafini.
PMC class with Irina Miech was absolute pleasure. Made there these lovely rings.
In Intro to metal I made this pendant and earrings.
And couple Crystal Elements from Leslee Frumin class.
I learnt ho to do Kuminihimo. My new purchased Marudai here, ready to be used.
And couple pieces I made in Christi Friesen class. She is a hoot!!!!!


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Hannah said...

Lol, prace niesamowite, na pierwszej fotce chyba mognął mi sutaszowy naszyjnik:-))